Toy Story 5-in-1 Combo

Toy Story 5-in-1 Combo

    • Setup Area: 25' x 25' x 15'
    • Outlets: 1
    • Age Group: all ages
    • Attendants: not included

    • $250.00
      for 4 hrs
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Rent a Toy Story 5 in 1 combo for your next birthday party, company picnic, or special event. The Bounce House Combo is a big hit for boys and girls. Children can bounce, go through horizontal and vertical obstacles, play basketball, climb and slide!
Get ready to blast off on an adventure that’s as boundless as the universe and as timeless as the story it’s inspired by. The "Toy Story Themed 5-in-1 Combo House Inflatable" isn't just an inflatable; it's a passport to a world where joy knows no limits, and every jump is a leap towards fun. Perfect for any gathering that aims to be more than just a meeting of people, this standout attraction is where stories of joy and adventure are written in the air.

Why It's the Buzz of Every Party

Spanning an impressive 19 feet by 22 feet, this combo house is a canvas painted with the vibrant characters of Toy Story. Woody, Buzz, Rex, Hamm, Jessie, and the gang are all here in stunning high-resolution digital artwork that's as durable as it is captivating. It's not just a bounce house; it's a centerpiece, a conversation starter, and a photo op all rolled into one.

A Universe of Fun Across Five Activities

The magic of Toy Story comes alive in five distinct zones of fun:

  • Jumping Area: A gravitational anomaly where kids can defy Earth's pull, surrounded by laughter and the kind of joy that only comes from bouncing off the walls.
  • Obstacle Course: A challenge laid down by the universe itself, asking every young adventurer to push, climb, and navigate their way through, building resilience and problem-solving skills.
  • Climbing Ladder: A stairway to the stars, where every step up is a boost in confidence and every safe descent a lesson in trust.
  • Giant Slide: The thrill of the drop, a moment of weightlessness, and a safe landing that’s as exhilarating as a spacewalk.
  • Basketball Hoop: A corner of the cosmos where future sports stars can practice their shots, learning about teamwork and the joy of the game.

Craftsmanship That's Light Years Ahead

Constructed from premium, fire-resistant vinyl that’s both safe and lead-free, this inflatable is a fortress of fun, designed to last. Reinforced stitching and cushioned surfaces ensure that the only thing parents need to worry about is capturing those smiles on camera. Mesh windows provide a clear view into and out of this mini-universe, ensuring that air, laughter, and the occasional shout of triumph circulate freely.

Setting Up: As Easy as a Spacewalk

Don’t let the thought of setting up deter you; all it takes is a single power outlet to bring this galaxy of fun to life. And because we orbit around the star of safety and cleanliness, we ensure that the inflatable is thoroughly washed and sanitized after each use, making every adventure as fresh as the first.

A Note on Safety and Immersion

While attendants don't come with the rental, hiring them can enhance both safety and the overall experience. Imagine the delight when kids see their favorite Toy Story characters come to life, guiding them through their adventures.

The Ticket to Unforgettable Memories

Priced at just $250.00 for four hours of interstellar fun, this inflatable is not just an activity; it's an investment in happiness, suitable for astronauts of all ages and capable of hosting up to 10 participants at a time. Ideal for birthdays, school events, picnics, and any gathering under the sun (or stars), it promises real, unforgettable moments in a world too often lost to screens.

Don’t let another party float away into the abyss of the forgotten. Book the "5-in-1 Toy Story Themed Combo House Inflatable" now, and make your next event a launchpad for joy, laughter, and memories that will echo to infinity and beyond.

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