Shrek 5-in-1 Combo

Shrek 5-in-1 Combo

    • Actual Size: 19' x 22'
    • Setup Area: 25' x 25' x 15'
    • Outlets: 1
    • Age Group: all ages
    • Attendants: not included

    • $250.00
      for 4 hrs
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Rent a Shreck  5 in 1 combo for your next birthday party, company picnic, or special event. The Bounce House Combo is a big hit for boys and girls. Children can bounce, go through horizontal and vertical obstacles, play basketball, climb and slide!

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there emerged a playground so magical, so filled with adventure and laughter, that even the sternest of ogres couldn’t help but crack a smile. Welcome to the "Shrek-Themed 5-in-1 Combo House Inflatable," a vibrant kingdom where children and Shrek fans of all ages can embark on an enchanting journey alongside Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey, and their myriad of whimsical companions.

Embark on a Quest of Endless Fun

This isn’t just any inflatable. It’s a grand escapade measuring 19 feet wide and 22 feet long, adorned with exquisite digital artwork that brings the world of Far Far Away right into your backyard. The adventures of Shrek and his friends are vividly captured, inviting every child to step into a story that unfolds with every jump, climb, and slide.

Five Spellbinding Features Await

  • Jumping Oasis: A boundless sea of joy where laughter echoes as children soar, finding the freedom only the vast skies of Far Far Away can offer.
  • Obstacle Enclave: Navigate through a labyrinth of challenges, where the wits of Puss in Boots and the strength of Shrek combine to foster resilience and strategic thinking in young adventurers.
  • Majestic Climb: Scale the heights of Dragon’s Keep, where every step upwards builds courage and every triumphant descent back to earth inspires confidence.
  • Whimsical Slide: Feel the rush of the Dragon’s Flight without the fiery breath, a swift journey down that’s accompanied by peals of laughter and eager scrambles for another go.
  • Basketball Realm: In the shadow of Far Far Away’s castle, a court awaits where aspiring champions can practice their shots, weaving spells of teamwork and friendly rivalry.

Crafted for Safety, Designed for Delight

Constructed from premium, fire-resistant vinyl with reinforced stitching and lead-safe materials, this inflatable kingdom is as sturdy as Shrek’s own abode. Mesh windows allow guardians to keep watch over the festivities, ensuring a breezy, well-ventilated environment that’s free from the perils of any enchanted forest.

After every adventure, the castle undergoes a meticulous cleansing, ensuring that the next band of merry children enters a realm as fresh and inviting as the first bloom of spring in Shrek’s swamp.

Simple to Summon, Effortless to Enjoy

Raising this inflatable is as easy as flipping a magic wand, requiring just a single outlet to bring the kingdom of Far Far Away to life. While guardians of the realm are suggested to oversee the festivities, they are not included, allowing event planners and parents the freedom to summon professional attendants for an added layer of safety and peace of mind.

A Treasure Trove of Memories for Just $250.00

Priced at a mere $250.00 for 4 hours of boundless enchantment, the "Shrek-Themed 5-in-1 Combo House Inflatable" is a gateway to a world of joy and adventure, inviting children of all ages to partake in its wonders. Whether it’s for a celebratory feast, a school festivity, or a picnic under the stars, this inflatable is a promise of memories filled with laughter, delight, and a touch of magic.

Reserve now and let the fairy tale begin, for in the land of Far Far Away, every leap is a story, every obstacle a quest, and every slide a journey to remember.


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