Mickey's Choo Choo Express

Mickey's Choo Choo Express

    • Actual Size: 32'10" x 10'6" x 13'8"
    • Setup Area: 40' x 14' x 15'
    • Outlets: 1 of 110 volts.
    • Age Group: All ages.
    • Attendants: Not included

    • $250.00
      for 4 hrs
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Mickey's Choo Choo Express 3-in-1 combo moonwalk will bring smiles to all youngsters dreaming of a life with trains. Kids can choose from a climb, a quick, sleek ride on the slide or just bounce away the day on the large jump, either way, each little engineer will have fun riding the rails. Adorable artwork shows the conductor and passengers in the windows, and a three-dimensional stack on top of the train keeps this Mickey's Choo Choo Express chugging along! Add this entertaining moonwalk to any event or birthday party and lay the tracks for fun. 

Choo choo! Hear that? It's the sound of fun rolling into town, aboard none other than the "Mickey's Choo Choo Express 3-in-1 Combo House Inflatable." In the grand tapestry of childhood, few things are as universally beloved as Mickey Mouse and his gang of cheerful characters. Add to that the timeless allure of bouncy houses, and you've got a recipe for an unforgettable day of laughter, play, and boundless energy.

Why It's the Ticket to Fun

Imagine a sprawling 32 feet 10 inches wide, 10 feet 6 inches long, and 13 feet 8 inches tall inflatable train, designed not just for looking at but for jumping, climbing, and sliding in. This isn't just any train, mind you. It's a vessel captained by Mickey Mouse, with Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck, Chip n Dale, and more as its adorable passengers. The digital artwork is scratch-free and sun-proof, making it a vibrant centerpiece for any outdoor event.

Three Stops on the Express to Joy

This delightful inflatable isn't a one-trick pony. It boasts three distinct areas of fun:

  1. Bouncing Area: A vast jumping paradise where kids can leap to their heart's content.
  2. Ladder: A climbable challenge that not only entertains but empowers, helping little ones conquer any fear of heights.
  3. Slide: The grand finale of any climb, offering a swift and exhilarating descent back to the ground.

Kids get to spend the day with their favorite characters, embarking on adventures that stretch their muscles and imaginations alike.

Crafted with Care and Safety

Constructed from high-quality, fire-resistant vinyl that's also lead-safe, the Mickey's Choo Choo Express is as sturdy as it is safe. Reinforced stitching ensures that the fun stays contained, while mesh windows provide a 360-degree view for parents outside and a way for kids to see their watchful eyes. The design prioritizes ventilation, ensuring that the fun inside remains fresh and suffocation-free.

After each rental, the inflatable undergoes a thorough cleaning and sanitization process, ensuring that every new group of children steps into a clean, safe environment.

Setting Up: Easier Than You Think

Despite its impressive size, setting up the Mickey's Choo Choo Express is straightforward, requiring just a single outlet. It does, however, need a bit of real estate: a 40x14 foot area, with a clearance height of 15 feet. This small logistical consideration is a small price to pay for the enormous amount of fun it delivers.

While the inflatable can accommodate up to 12 children or 8 adults at once, ensuring that no one misses out on the fun, attendants are not automatically included. For an added layer of safety and convenience, event planners or parents may consider hiring attendants. Dressing them up in Mickey Mouse character costumes? Now that's just icing on the cake.

All This for a Steal

Priced at $250.00 for 4 hours of unlimited fun, Mickey's Choo Choo Express offers incredible value. It's an investment in joy, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime. Perfect for children of all ages, it's a hit at birthday parties, school events, picnics, family gatherings, and more.

So, why spend another moment scrolling through your phone, when you could be booking a ticket to fun? Reserve the "3 in 1 Mickey Mouse Themed Mickey's Choo Choo Express Combo House Inflatable" today, and let the good times roll. Remember, in the world of childhood, the journey is just as important as the destination. And with Mickey's Choo Choo Express, that journey is guaranteed to be a blast.

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