Cotton candy supplies

Cotton candy supplies

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​​​Transform any gathering into a vibrant festival of flavors and colors with the Cotton Candy Sugar Kit from Events by ABA. Priced accessibly at just $20.00, this all-encompassing kit is your golden ticket to crafting delightful, fluffy cotton candy that will become the highlight of any event, be it a carnival, fair, birthday party, or any gathering under the sun.

A Duo of Delightful Flavors: The heart of this kit lies in its two 3.25 lb containers of premium cotton candy floss sugar, featuring the crowd-pleasing flavors of Pink Vanilla and Blue Raspberry. The Pink Vanilla flavor brings a sweet, nostalgic taste that whisks you back to the joyous days of your childhood, while the Blue Raspberry offers a tangy, vibrant twist that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also brightens the mood with its lively color.

Sturdy, Reliable Cones for a Mess-Free Experience: Included are 100 high-quality paper cotton candy cones, each crafted to an impressive length of 11 inches and triple-wrapped for unparalleled durability. These cones stand up to the weight and stickiness of cotton candy, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for your guests as they indulge in their sweet treats.

Proudly Made in the USA for High Yield and Quality: Each flavor carton is not only a testament to American quality but also incredibly efficient, capable of producing 60 to 70 fluffy cotton candy cones. This makes the kit an unbeatable choice for event organizers aiming to cater to a large audience without sacrificing quality or flavor. Whether it's a cozy family get-together or a grand community celebration, this cotton candy sugar kit guarantees you have ample supplies to delight everyone.

A Complete Taste Experience Solution: The Cotton Candy Sugar Kit transcends being merely a set of ingredients; it's a comprehensive solution for enriching your event with unforgettable taste sensations. The exceptional flavors, paired with the top-notch cones, equip you with everything needed to serve up light, airy treats that are as much a joy to create as they are to devour.

Creating Memories with Every Fluffy Bite: Envision the radiant smiles and palpable excitement as guests of all ages witness the transformation of simple sugar granules into exquisite clouds of cotton candy. The act of selecting their preferred flavor, observing the cotton candy come to life, and then grasping the large, fluffy cone adds an extra dimension of entertainment and interaction to your event, making it truly unforgettable.

In Summary:
The Cotton Candy Sugar Kit from Events by ABA is more than just a product; it's a catalyst for creating magical moments. With its blend of superior ingredients, user-friendly design, and the boundless joy it brings to both creators and consumers, this kit emerges as an indispensable asset for any event planner. Whether your aim is to sprinkle a dash of whimsy on a birthday bash, offer a sweet highlight at a community fair, or bring a touch of nostalgia to a family reunion, this kit promises not just smiles and satisfaction, but a resounding success that echoes the sweet essence of joy and celebration. Gear up to spin a tale of tasty delight at your next event, ensuring a cascade of sweet memories that will linger long after the cotton candy has melted away.


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